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About | Ken Wendle


Ken Wendle is a speaker, workshop facilitator, and a catalyst for more and better results.


He posses several unique strengths:

  1. The ability explain complex concepts in a simple-to-understand way.

  2. The ability to see and understand the "big picture" as well as the details.

  3. Common Sense approach 


Being of value is not only more fun and fulfilling than simply trying to become what the world calls a “success”, it is actually a necessary ingredient of success!


Although "mostly retired" from a successful, award-winning career, his passion to share proven ideas and concepts allows him to continue as a powerful catalyst to others discover and realize their own value through his presentations, workshops, and coaching.


In recognition of his efforts, leadership, practical, common-sense guidance and the considerable value of his numerous industry contributions Ken was awarded not one - but TWO - Lifetime Achievement Awards from two highly respected industry associations.


A charismatic speaker, Ken is known internationally for his entertaining, insightful and pragmatic presentations - sprinkled with subtle humor - for which he consistently receives the highest praise.


Throughout his career working with individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions, Ken always makes it a goal to help them recognize and increase their unique value.

Acclaimed Author, Consultant & Speaker

Ken Wendle


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