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Ken Wendle is a speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach, but first and foremost, a teacher.


In that he leverages several unique strengths:

  1. An ability explain something complex in a simple-to-understand way.

  2. An ability to see and understand the "big picture" as well as the details within it.

  3. A Common Sense approach 


Early in his career, Ken realized that being of value is not only more fun and fulfilling than simply trying to become what the world calls a “success”, he’s discovered that it is actually an element of success!


He continues to provide unique value as a powerful catalyst helping others discover and realize their own value through his presentations, workshops, coaching and volunteer work.


In recognition of his efforts, leadership, practical, common-sense guidance and the considerable value of his numerous industry contributions Ken was awarded not one - but TWO - Lifetime Achievement Awards from two highly respected industry associations.


A charismatic speaker, Ken is known internationally for his entertaining, insightful and pragmatic presentations - sprinkled with subtle humor - for which he consistently receives the highest praise.


Throughout his career working with individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions, Ken always makes it a goal to help them recognize and increase their special value.

Acclaimed Instructor, Consultant & Speaker

Ken Wendle


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