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About | The V*A*L*U*E Formula Book

The V*A*L*U*E Formula provides guidance on maximizing your personal and organizational value. It is based upon the experience gained through a long, award winning career working with and within many organizations, observation of what works (and what doesn't), a huge amount of research including dozens of books, scores of articles and many interviews with experts as well as a good deal of "common sense" with a touch of "wisdom". 
Below is some of the many endorsements the book has received!   

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“Ken Wendle has created an essential and refreshing guide to the fundamentals you must master to be an effective strategic leader in today’s chaotic world. The book is born from his decades of success in helping transform organizations, and that alone is a worthy reason to read it immediately. But I believe its true gift is the engaging and perfectly balanced way in which he enlightens you and encourages you to apply his strategies immediately. If you consistently apply Ken’s actionable model, I have no doubt you will gain clarity in the chaos and realize a measurable increase in your results and value.“


  – Manley Feinberg, Author of “Reaching Your Next Summit: 9 Vertical Lessons for Leading with Impact


“The V*A*L*U*E Formula should be required reading not only for first-year business students, but for any professional in need of a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of effective leadership. Easy to digest, the book gets right to the point, leading the reader down a clear and concise path. Based on his years of experience, Ken has formulated and fine-tuned a back-to-the-basics approach that pertains to any business, big or small. Better yet, he forces you to rethink and reassess your understanding of what it really takes to grow a business in the face of seemingly endless challenges. It made me pause and reflect on my own core beliefs, and that alone may be the most important outcome of reading ‘The V*A*L*U*E Formula’.”
– Brian Conrady, Executive Vice President for a leading Media company 


If you want to study theory, read another book.

If you want to actually accomplish something profound and change your own world, read this one!
- Glenn O’Donnell, Vice President and Research Director at Forrester Research

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