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On a Roll: 17 Consecutive years!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

In 2001, a very young itSMF USA chapter realized that it was time for them to create a National Conference.

As a member of the early itSMF USA leadership team, I still recall our resolve to drive a stake into the ground and to launch that first conference. Several obstacles - including the tragic events of September 11, 2001 – stood in our way, but we persisted and a new international conference was born.

2017 marks the 17th year of that highly successful conference, which continues to bring together some of the best, brightest, and most experienced service management experts in the industry.

I will be speaking at Fusion2017, as I did at that very first conference... and every single one since then!

My topic this year is one near and dear to my heart. Process!

Or, perhaps more accurately, process improvement.

The title is “Life is a Process: Understand, Define, Execute!”

Life is indeed a process: a process of discovery, a process of learning, a process of growing.

We all execute a myriad of processes every day, throughout the day, often without even thinking about it. But, we SHOULD think about it, and make sure our processes are clearly understood, well defined, and effectively executed.

Please consider this a personal invitation to join me at Fusion17 in Orlando, Florida, - October 31st to November 3rd - to meet and learn from some of my friends and associates who are among the most deeply respect within the service management field, such as, well, for the sake of efficiency, go to this link:

And if that’s not enough to convince you to join us, you can learn even more about this incredible conference, right here:

I hope to see there. And please be sure to introduce yourself!

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